Shankh Prakshalan

Yoga For Everyone

What You Will Get

Do you know what is “Shankh Prakshalan”? Shankh Prakshalan cleanses intestines through yoga and keeps you away from all diseases without medicines: We clean our body , we clean our clothes , and we clean our home in our regular life , but have we ever cleaned our intestines ? No. In fact , uncleaned intestines are the root cause for all ailments, a fact which we forget. Clean intestines keep away all ailments . Some of the major benefits from Shankh Prakshalan are:

1. It is a natural beauty care for ladies & gents
2. It helps you look younger
3. It reduces fat & weight to unbelievable levels
4. It removes fat & weight to unbelievable levels
5. It will check untimely hair fall and will delay graying
6. It helps you get relief from all sorts of pains – joint pain, back ache, head ache , high blood pressure , thyroid , asthma, and even serious diseases like cancer and heart – related diseases.

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